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Thread: Nebraska Qb Zack Taylor Will Have All American Year

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    Nebraska Qb Zack Taylor Will Have All American Year

    This guy will be an all american in 2006 with the cornhuskers.

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    NU should have an azz-kicking season next year and could win the B12 title....

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    I'd like to see NU back on top again. They have great fans!

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    It was nice to see them win a bowl game. I've been a fan forever. I'd love to see them be like they were from 95-97 winning national champs and being a respectable team. I still think that Solich should still be HC and AD peterson should have been fired a long time ago.

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    I have high hopes for the Huskers. I actually expected them to win the Big 12 North last season. They would have if not for a few dumb mistakes. My only concern this season is the loss of Porkchop. Lucky could be the real deal but he could have used more playing time last season.


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