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Thread: Sox-Angels on Manny

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    Sox-Angels on Manny

    I see on that they are revisiting trade talks- but as I'm not an insider, I was very curious who the Sox are interested in prying off of the Angels in this deal. Can anyone help a curious Yanks fan out?

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    For a Yankee fan, of course.

    Feb 3 - The Red Sox have made another strong push to deal outfielder Manny Ramirez to the Angels, The Los Angeles Times reports. But the talks reportedly slowed because the Angels thought the Red Sox were asking for too much in return.

    Boston was believed to have asked for at least four players: pitcher Ervin Santana, INF/OF Chone Figgins and two or three of the Angels' top four prospects, a list that includes shortstop Brandon Wood and second baseman Howie Kendrick.

    The Red Sox, according to The Times, also wanted the Angels to assume almost all of the $57 million remaining on Ramirez's contract.
    It's meaningless. The Sox are asking for way too much and this will never get done. Manny will definitely be on the Sox for the rest of his contract...

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    That is the contract and maybe that works- but otherwise, I think you're right, he'll be there until he stops showing up.

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    I am a religious Angel fan...I go to 20-30 games a year and about 15-20 of their single A team in rancho cucamonga....if the angels even think of giving up figgins, santana and any other prospects they are idiots! Santana will be a solid starter for years to come...Figgins was the team MVP...and Kendrick and Wood are minor league studs....i saw both play last year and they are the future of the angels if they stay healthy. Screw Manny....he'll get here and bring that midget with him and then demand a trade to some other team...why bother. They won their division without him last year with a beatup team...if they stay healthy they wont even need Manny.


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