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Thread: Interview with Mets Beat Writer Adam Rubin

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    Interview with Mets Beat Writer Adam Rubin

    Since many of you liked our Randy Lange interview and asked when the next Mets guest was coming up--

    Before he leaves for Spring Training down in Port St. Lucie, Daily News Mets beat writer Adam Rubin will be joining us live and in-studio tonight for all 2 hours of my totally commercial-free, no one makes a dime from it, Long Island Sports Talk radio show. The show will be nothing but Mets talk, and it runs from 9PM to 11PM on Nassau County’s 90.3FM.

    He’ll be taking your calls, so please feel free to call in. The call-in # (from 9PM to 11PM) is 516-572-7440. Even if you’re not in the listening area, you’ll get to have your question answered when you talk with him, plus I’ll put it up on the web as soon as the show is over so you can hear it that way, as well. Since we’re a public radio station, we only have 1 phone line in. So, if you get a busy signal, please call right back. When you call in, please feel free to mention JI, too.

    For what it’s worth, Adam should be a popular figure on TV and radio (and Message Boards) next month, as his book Pedro, Carlos, and Omar: The Story of a Season in the Big Apple and the Pursuit of Baseball's Top Latino Stars comes out on March 1st.

    As I mentioned before, we’re not yet webcast, so please go here for the audio when it’s up:

    I always get a lot of good feedback here, so let me know when you listen.

    If you’re phone shy, please feel free to post questions in this thread.

    As always, thanks.

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    A Blizzard of Mets Talk

    Here is our latest Adam Rubin interview that we conducted on my totally commercial-free, no one makes a dime from it, Long Island Sports Talk radio show the other night. Part 1 is 63 commercial-free minutes, and Part 2 is 58 commercial-free minutes.

    2 hours of nothing but Mets talk that should get you ready for Pitchers and Catchers.

    Happy listening! Please let me know what you thought.

    As always, thanks.


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