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Thread: My take on the Knicks

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    My take on the Knicks

    Does anything make sense at this point?


    They need to trade with the Nuggets for Earl Watson and Kenyon Martin. NY sends Hardaway, Jamal Crawford and the # 1 pick from Toronto.

    The Knicks are softer than cotton candy. There is no post presence and no one knows or values what an assist is.

    Warriors like Reed and Oakley are watching the Knicks enforcer reptuation that they built being washed away by softies Curry and Frye.

    And they should give Marbury to the Wolves. Just give him away. A 2009 2nd round pick would be generous. He's just awful.

    And Larry needs to adjust his coaching style somewhat. All great coaches have had to do it like Wooden, Bob Knight and Izzo. You cannot coach today's cats the way you coached players in the '70's. They aren't wired for harsh, public discourses. They will tune you completely out. Larry must adjust.

    Also, I see Isiah similarily to Bradway (except TBrad isn't pinching booties). Isiah is a great talent evaluator like Bradway, but go past that and he's over his head. Isiah selected Vince Carter and McGrady. But running a team is too much. ISIAH, not Larry will be gone as soon as the sexual harassment suits are settled later this year. His replacement as President of the Knicks...

    Larry Brown

    Larry will do double duty for a year or two (his direct reports will handle personnel, contracts and scouting). Then, he will hand the reins over to Herb Williams.

    The Knicks will make the playoffs during the 2007-2008 season and will be serious (Detroit Pistons type) title contenders during the 2008-2009 season.

    Just in time for the 40th anniversary of the '69 World Championship.

    Knicks fans, I think its going to get worse before it gets better.

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    the knicks suck

    they have sucked for the past 7 years

    they will suck for another good 7 years

    ... the only way they get out of this is to keep sucking and get a couple back to back #1 overall picks and pray to god some kid like lebron enters the draft... or in other words they have to pray for the next "mj"


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