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Thread: Bill simmons kills layden and thomas

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    Unhappy Bill simmons kills layden and thomas

    you have to laugh to keep from crying

    When we were in Houston for All-Star Weekend, one of the marquee events was the annual Technology Summit at the Houstonian, featuring celebrities such as Mark Cuban, David Stern, George Bodenheimer, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and Anderson Cooper. Little was made of another gathering: The first-annual Atrocious GM Summit, held Sunday morning at the La Quinta Inn.

    One of the better known worst GMs is none other than Isiah Thomas.
    Our dream panel included Philadelphia's Billy King; former Raptors GM Rob Babcock; Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak; former Knicks GM Scott Layden; former Cavs GM Jim Paxson; Minnesota's Kevin McHale; former Orlando GM John Weisbrod; and, of course, Isiah Thomas of the New York Knicks. Sadly, Wes Unseld was unable to make it after he accidentally traded his first-class Delta Airlines ticket to Houston for three Southwest Airlines tickets to Atlanta.

    its a long article, too long to copy, but its pretty funny once you get over we have had two of the worst GM's here

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    That's hilarous, makes me want to start crying as a knicks fan though.

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    im laughing out loud, but crying on the inside


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