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Thread: Pennigton rehabing well....IMO He WILL be opening day starter

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    This thread is going where it belongs, the dump.

    Moga... one warning, knock it off with the comments directed at other people or the board members as a whole.

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    We should put all the pieces in place before we think about starting our future franchise QB whoever that might be. Offensive line is a huge priority! Everything starts with the big boys up front and right now we don't have a front to start with. But I think our front office will take care of that during free agency and the draft. It will take a couple of years to get our skill position players in place, but the offensive line has to get taken care of now and I think it will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FrankMoga
    Folks, I have it from a very reliable source that Chad Pennigton is rehabing very well, and will in all likelihood will be the opening day starter. James Andrews, MD has already been on the record recently that he expects Pennigton to make a full recovery by training camp.

    I think with all of our cap space, and the fact that Chad is on the books for AT LEAST the next two years, we should pass on drafting a QB or signing a FA QB.

    With the coin we have available, we need to rebuild this OL and get another game breaking WR. I hate morons who only think big "names" or positions. Sometimes I read the miserable morons posting here and I am ashamed to even be associated with you all.

    Sometimes I wonder if half of you have even the smallest clue about football beyond any level of the surface fan.

    Lets hope Mangini and co are thinking here. I thank God that many of you fools posting about getting Culpepper or Brees or TO are not running our franchise and are left to your slothenly game day actions that no doubt embarass our fan base.

    Some things disgust me.

    Peace....I'm out




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