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Thread: David Lee should start!!!!!!

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    David Lee should start!!!!!!

    Everytime i watch the knicks, it seems on a regular basis that when David Lee get playing time the team plays better. He does all the hustle plays that the rest of the team doesnt do. He has a high basketball I.Q. makes smart passes, gets rebounds, blocks and just plays smart. He has lapses on defense but he is still learning and should get more playing time so the can learn. When the knicks went on their little run in january i believe Lee was starting, but for some strange reason Larry Brown takes him out of the line up. Today David Lee comes in for Malik Rose (who i have to admit has played better lately) in the 1st quarter when they were down by double digits and plays the rest of the half and the knicks cut the lead to 2 points by half time. So what does Larry brown do he sits David Lee the entire 3rd quarter and the knicks fall behind by 15. In the 4th lee is put back in and the knicks cut the lead to 2 points again late in the 4th, and he finishes with a double double. i just dont understand why Lee doesnt get more minutes, i just dont get it.
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