Please forgive what a shameless plug this is, but i cant resist.

I know that some of you know of [url][/url] and some do not. Let me first say that i am in no way affiliated with them, i am merely a happy participant on their website that needs a little help.

The website basically sends you poker gifts such as chip sets, cards, dvd's, gift certificates and other things by signing up to certain poker sites through their website and playing a certain number of hands.

Here comes the shameless part: Ive spent the past couple of weeks playing to get a particular chipset(nevada jacks) and to get the points that let you upgrade them to a 500 chip set. The problem is that im 1000 points short, and 1 referal is 1000 points.

So if anyone enjoys poker, and needs a new chip set or other gifts, and feel like helping out a fellow NYJ fan, could they use "[B]elotk[/B]" as a referal name, it would help alot.