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Thread: OT: Best place to go to bathroom in America

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    OT: Best place to go to bathroom in America

    We have all kinds of ridiculous off-topic threads right now. So I will chip one in for my own amusement.

    In California, there is a famous hotel called the Madonna Inn. If you find this hotel, stop to go to the bath room (the women's bath room is nothing special, but the men's bath room is something else). Walk in to the hotel, on your right there will be an ancient wooden set of stairs. Walk down. At the bottom of the stairs on your left is the bath room.

    This is the kind of bath room I've always wanted at sporting events.

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    The draft can't come fast enough.

    Angus McIndoe restaurant main level. 44th & 8th ave.

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    wow, this is perfect for a dump...i mean the dump...i has to be your bull and....


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