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Thread: For the Notre Dame Fans on the Board

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    For the Notre Dame Fans on the Board

    As most of you already know from listening to our previous interviews, I co-host a a 100% commercial-free, no one makes one red cent from it, Sports Talk radio show on Long Island.

    The other night we had on Eric Hansen, Irish beat reporter for the South Bend Tribune.

    We’re not yet webcast so we put the interview up at

    It’s 32 commercial-free minutes of nothing but ND Football talk and is in MP3 format.

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of topics discussed:

    --How is Charlie Weis counteracting the Hype Machine?
    --Charlie’s relationship with the Press
    --A thorough discussion of the Defense (9 starters back, depth, speed)
    --Travis Thomas, 2-way player
    --Sam Young starting
    --How is Brady Quinn dealing with the distractions?
    --What would happen if Quinn got injured?
    --The back-up QB situation
    --Jeff Samardzija’s baseball/football dilemma
    --Charlie’s assistant coaches
    --The staff’s visit with John Fox
    --Notre Dame and the new BCS Payout Scenario
    --What a difference a year makes
    --The pro prospects on this year’s team
    --Addressing the flaws on Defense
    --The kicking situation
    --Will standards be lowered to be successful?
    --Early enrollment
    --All things Jimmy Clausen
    --How will Darius Walker do this year?
    --Eric’s predictions for this year
    --A discussion of why Eric respects Charlie Weis
    --Charlie’s new house (“always a plus when you move out of Bob Davie’s house….”)

    As always, thanks.

    Patchy ND '92

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