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Thread: Randy Johnson is such a little b!tch

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    Randy Johnson is such a little b!tch

    I don't understand Johnson's problem with Jorge Posada. Johnson continually refuses to allow Posada to catch him, instead opting for Flaherty last year and Stinnett this year.

    Well, since Jorge caught last night he has this afternoon off, so Stinnett is cathcing. The problem is, Randy is pitching tomorow when Jorge will be playing. I wonder how the two of them will gell tomorow in light of Randy's past whining.

    SO, what's his problem? Jorge has caught World Series games, a perfect game, a no-hitter, and stars like Clemens, Pettite, Wells and Mussina. Randy should try playing more than 4 innings before he starts whining.

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    i've never liked randy johnson.

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    I'm one Yankee fan that is no fan of RJ, but it is not uncommon for a pitcher to want a personal catcher. If I remember correctly, David Cone requested Joe Girardi as his personal catcher when Jorge was on the team, so what's the difference exactly?

    Fact is, RJ feels that Jorge doesn't call a good game and it affects his pitching, so it is better for him to have Stinnett catch him. If it makes him pitch better, then why not?

    Lastly, I actually like that Jorge, at his age, gets a set day off every 5 starts. Jorge almost always had bad endings to his season, probably because he was worn down, but last year he was great at the end of the season, and it might be because of this set day off.

    And, why is Torre sitting Jorge today if he is going to give him tomorrow off? I know it was a day game after a night game, but you still might as well have Jorge catch since he is going to get not only Sunday off, but also Monday. Stupid decision by Torre, but that's no surprise.

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    he's not going to have tomorow off, I think Jorge is catching despite the fact that Johnson is on the mound.

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    Maddox had one in Atlanta, he hated Javier Lopez. Steve Carlton had one, that's why Tim McCarver played as long as he did. It's not uncommon.

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    the big unit is being a beast today.

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    guess he doesn't need a special catcher after all

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    probably because at this point Posada is a better pitcher than RJ. MOve RJ to catch..lmao!


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