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Thread: Pats Fan TX

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    Pats Fan TX

    No offense to you TX, i dont dislike you, you do know football even though most of the time you're just here to get a rise out of us jet fans, but, my friend is on *********.com, i check it out, and unexpectedly found this:

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    i really dont know your story, but i'm writing this post to let you know that as impossible as it may sound, you are officially more obsessed with the New York Jets than me or anyone else on the board.

    as a pats fan?!?

    i dont get it, please explain.

    BTW, i am NOT ripping on you, i am just very curious to know.

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    Why do I have the feeling this is going to turn into a "Warfish callout" round 2? Nothing good can come of this and 2:1 this becomes

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    You've been here since 2003 flashlight1, surely you've seen this topic covered.


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