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Thread: Kentucky Derby/Preakness (merged)

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    Yes, not out of the woods, yet. Keeping fingers crossed for Barbaro.

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    [QUOTE=savage69]Jumba do you remember the Match race and Ruffian?? :([/QUOTE]I wasn't as big a racing fan back then, but yes I do vaguely remember it. They actually learned a lot by what happened to Ruffian when she came out of the anesthesia. She panicked and re-injured herself and was only then put down. Nowadays they use a pool with a supporting raft to bring them back to consciousness. Barbaro still faces many obstacles. I hope to see some of his babies at the track in a few years.

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    Jumba I went back and checked- our posts about the gate vet seem to be missing. No big deal, though.

    Great job by the U of P vets. They get an A+ so far.

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    wow, i must be good or something, chalk up another $600 triple to me again!!

    btw, keep up the good work barbaro.


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