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Thread: Mets calling up Alay Soler

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    Mets calling up Alay Soler

    We're finally going to have a new pitcher and we'll get to see what he has in the Philly series. I thought they might call up Pelfrey but now it the highly touted Cuban defector Allay Soler. If he gets off to a good start the Mets will be in for a very good season.

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    Cool, hope he pitches thursday. I'll be there.

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    Pelfrey isn't near ready for the majors yet and was terrible in his last AA outing.

    Soler has done a good job so far in the minors. It's always fun to see how Cuban pitchers do in the majors.

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    Soler has a bit more experience than Pelfrey from his pitching in Cuba, and is more major league ready than Pelfrey I'd say. Pelfrey is still working on some pitches at AA, so its going to be a little while longer, hopefully, before we see him. It makes a lot more sense than calling up Pelfrey before he's ready and having him get shelled. He's 22, and hopefully the future - coddle him. Soler is 26 (if his DOB is accurate!) - he can be a contributor, but I'm less concerned with his psyche if he gets shelled.

    This IS going to be fun to see what Soler's got. He's got a 2.75 ERA at AA, and a 0.64 ERA at A ball, and is 3-0 on the season combined. He's been pitching well, and HAS to be a better option than Lima-time.

    Another interesting roster move is that with Lima being DFA'ed, they added Anderson Garcia to the 25 man roster. He's a relief pitcher (came over in the Benitez trade) that has been pretty decent in AAA - could this signal Heilman to the rotation if needed? If not right away, it gives them flexibility.
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    My expectations with Soler are not that high. If he is looking so promising, I would think that he would have gotten the call before Lima or Gonzalez.

    Perhaps we'll catch lightening in a bottle, but I fear we will have major problems at the back end of our rotation for most of the season. Hopefully Bannister can come back in a few weeks and be at least servicable.

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    Way off topic but since we are talking pitching prospects my friend Pedro Beato (Xaverian) is about to get 1.5 million from the Mets to enter the farm system and avoid the draft. He was a 17th round selection last season but a year at St. Pete College has risen his stock and he is a mid 1st round pick projection now. Hes a big pitcher (6 5) with powerful stuff (97 MPH with movement on the fastball) and should be a prospect to watch. Just some info for those who like to follow pitchers.

    On the topic, Im glad a prospect is getting a chance of a retread who has never been the same since his glory year in Houston.

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    SOler has to be better then lima. IT hurt my eyes to watch him pitch. The cuban league has some quality players in it. He can't be worse then LIMA why not give him a shot.


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