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Thread: Wanted: High Resolution Jets logo

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    Help wanted: High Resolution Jets logo

    I thought browsing the internet would get me a good enough logo to make a birth announcement card from. Didn't turn out that way. Printer guy tells me that the one I gave him to use is not good enough.
    And living in the Netherlands makes it almost impossible to buy a magazine or anything else with the Jets logo on or in it. I spent almost three hours searching the american bookstore in Amsterdam yesterday and still came up empty.
    So, my question is: could any of you please send me the Jets logo in as high a resolution as possible?We will only use it if we get a boy (Jay) but I rather have the card ready just in case.
    Thanks in advance.
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    And so.... son was born last Saturday. Still don't have the high dpi logo. Maybe I have to settle for something else? But that doesn't take away the disappointment of none of the readers of my post reacting.
    I would have made the effort if I had had the means to help someone out.


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