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Thread: Joel Sherman's New Book on the 1996 Yankees

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    Joel Sherman's New Book on the 1996 Yankees

    As most of you already know from our Jets interviews, I co-host a 100% commercial-free, no one makes a dime from it, Sports Talk radio show on Long Island. Last night, Joel Sherman from the New York Post was our guest. He has a brand new book out called Birth of a Dynasty, all about the 1996 Yankees.

    He spoke with us for 62(!) commercial-free minutes and the interview (but for 2-3 questions at the very end) is all Yankees talk.

    Here is the link:

    Here is what was discussed (in chronological order):

    --A discussion of how everything was aligned right that year
    --Jim Leyritz
    --The deals that were never made
    --Bill Livesey
    --George Steinbrenner & his GM’s
    --Joe Torre’s “Calm Bombs”
    --Joel’s use of what was going on in the real world at the time, as sort of a touchstone
    --“The Shadow Cabinet”
    --Clyde King’s early thoughts on Derek Jeter
    --Mariano for Felix Fermin?!?!
    --The 1992 Draft and how the Yanks got Jeter
    --Derek Jeter’s 1st Minor League season
    --Bernie Williams
    --Funny story about Bernie & Juan Gonzalez
    --Bernie becoming a switch hitter
    --Jeter and Bernie in Brian Butterfield’s Boot Camp
    --Tino Martinez
    --“National League style”
    --Strawberry and Fielder being added to “Bronx Bombers”
    --David Cone
    --The Braves looking like the Team of the Decade until that point
    --Buck Showalter
    --Joe Torre’s history
    --Arthur Richman
    --Brian Cashman’s role back then
    --Denny Neagle
    --Smoltz & Glavine commenting on Leyritz’s homer off Wohlers
    --The Orioles & Davey Johnson
    --Frank Torre on Joe Torre
    --Jeffrey Maier
    --Paul O’Neill
    --Jimmy Key
    --Ruben Rivera
    --Mel Hall being mean to a young Bernie Williams
    --Is the Dynasty over?
    --Joe Girardi
    --The Steroid Era
    --Dwight Gooden today
    --Randy Johnson
    --Tradewinds & the Farm System
    --Mets & El Duque
    --Can the Yanks still win it all this year?
    --Carlos Delgado
    --Barry Bonds
    --Will Andy Pettitte’s best friend be a Yankee this year?
    --Will a member of the Dynasty manage the team someday?
    --What is David Cone doing today?

    As always, thanks and I hope you enjoy. And, please tell a Yankees fan friend, as well.

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    something I'll definetely put on my birthday wish list

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    One of my all time favorite teams.


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