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Thread: Livan Hernandez and Soriano

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    Livan Hernandez and Soriano

    During the yankees game the other night, somebody brought up a topic about the Nationals. They were saying come the trade deadline, the Nationals will trade away their high priced veterans and try to build up there farm system. I could see Soriano coming back to the yanks and playing the outfield and the mets going after Hernandez for their 3rd starter. Or how about Soriano going to the Mets and playing second base, that would be a perfect fit. The only problem is the yanks don't have much of a farm system and the mets won't give up milledge or pelfry. I think one of these guys will be in New York though.

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    if anything i think the mets will try to pick up a pitcher. if the yankees are smart they'd be looking for a pitcher also.

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    ESPN insider

    Anyone have insider access and is willing to paste/ summarize the info on Soriano in the player movement rumors section?


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