Hello Jet Faithful and Computer Nerds alike!!

I am looking for a Web Designer to build a new site for me, and teach me the basics of how to update it on my own (so I don't have to bug you each time I need an update of the site.)

I am a songwriter coming out with an album decently soon. I need a good website for visibility. My last webdesigner turned out to be a 16 year old kid who made a damn fine site but was unable to help with problems that arose and got tired of my constant nagging for updates. Hopefully, as I said before, you can teach me how to use my FTP client and "be online" the first time I do it to teach me where I screwed up.

So, I would be willing to pay a flat amount once the site is completed, and another flat fee for someone to give me the grand tour of "Web site updating 101."

The current site, which hasn't been updated since last august, is here:


and hopefully we can keep the same basic elements but format it differently. I'd pretty much be formating by subtraction and a touch of updating here and there initially, so it wouldn't be hard work at all to someone who knows what they're doing.

You can contact me, if interested, at apergiovanni@wesleyan.edu to work out pricing and a timetable.

Thank you!