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Thread: When/How did you become a JETS fan

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    [QUOTE=ctjetfan]My sister, who WAS a huge Giants fan, went up to Ithaca College for her freshman year in the early 80's. She ends up getting Stacy Walton as her roommate. When she called and told me I just about had an Org*****.
    ( and when I met Stacy.....SO HOT!!!!)

    Anyway, sis is now a JETS fan...She didn't like it when I started bashing Joe when thinmgs went south!![/QUOTE]
    That bastard looked my grandfather in the eye and lied that day. He got so worked up he had to be restrained by two other Jets fans who were just asking for autographs. Those guys weren't interested in the autographs after what Walton said, so they just bought my grandfather a drink.

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    I think this is an interesting topic because I started the same thread 3 weeks ago. :D


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    I know it was in the 80s and it was because I liked the color green.

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    Started in 1996.

    I got back from a year abroad and my boss was a big Jets fan (used to wear his jersey to and at work). The Jets stunk, he was passionate and it grew on me so I started watching the games.

    In 1999 another friend took me to my first Jets game, the home opener against the Pats (Vinny goes DOWN!). I was a big fan at the point and it felt like the world (season) was over in one single play.

    Eventually, my boss had season tickets so between my two friends I went to a few games a year with the Monday Night Miracle being the most memorable.

    2002-2003 my boss (now ex boss and close friend) would sell me 3-4 games a year.

    2004 - I got his season tickets and the madness has just grown and grown.

    Now trying to get my 11 month old daughter to stay clear of the evil of her Mother's team (Dolphins) and head towards the light of the Jets.


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    first game at shea..opening day 1978 against garo and delvin williams and the dolphins...jets woop their ass!!!wesley walker catches 3 td's from todd...
    action packed excitement!!!been hooked ever since..although I dont miss the garbage tornadoes at shea..

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    my dad was always a jets fan so that is where i come in


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    growing up a brooklyn dodger fan, you get to hate the Giants and the Yankees, because the yankees always beat the bums and the giants were in the same league ( back when there were 6 teams per league ). after both the dodgers and the giants left town, i had no one to cheer for. in football i rooted for any team that played the giants. then the titans started to play in the afl and i had a team to root for. at least i got to see sb iii. they can never take that away from me. i sent the wife and kids to her mothers that day and told her not to come home until i called her. :) :)

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    Monday Night Miracle - I was housesitting in the sticks for a friend's aunt and had nothing to do, so I watched MNF - wasn't even a football fan at the time. But that game did it - made me an NFL and a Jets fan all in one night.

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    Being a Jets fan is like masturbating with sandpaper it feels good when you start but it always turns out to be painful.

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    [QUOTE=New York Mick]Being a Jets fan is like masturbating with sandpaper it feels good when you start but it always turns out to be painful.[/QUOTE]
    Do you have experience with this sort of thing Mick? :eek:

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    [QUOTE=Klecko73isGod]Do you have experience with this sort of thing Mick? :eek:[/QUOTE]
    Oh yea, I go to S&M parties and stuff. I'm into all types of freaky ****. Getting branded and electrocuted is always fun.

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    65 wanted to see what all the fuss was about with Namath. Hooked first time I watched.

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    I was born into this thanks to my old man

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    By marriage at first, but got really hooked when Wayne came on the scene. My husbands die hard attitude finally rubbed off on me.

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    Born in 66 that way.

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    I was hit by a car with " New York Jets" license plates.

    I've been in a coma since.

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    November 1993, I was in fourth grade, my Dad took me to my first football game: Jets - Bengals. From then on I was a die-hard Jets fan.

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    it was just the right thing to do, hard to explain, but it is destiny, besides my dad is a jet fan too

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    My father took me to a Jets vs. Giants preseason game back in 1977, I was 5 years old. I liked the Jets uniforms and they won the game. It was then that I liked the Jets.

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    I became a Jets fan in 1982 (The first year the N.F.L was shown in the UK)

    The Strike shortened season, back then I had to tune into the American Armed forces network to listen to the games on the radio at all hours of the morning. (Five hour time diffrence to EST.)

    I remember walking a hole in the rug listening to the infamous Jets Cleveland double over time game in 86, I could have strangled Gastineau that day.

    Any way 24 long suffering years and counting :steamin:
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