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Thread: ENOUGH WITH THE PATS!!! (Part Deux)

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    ENOUGH WITH THE PATS!!! (Part Deux)

    Quote Originally Posted by DAKA1127
    I really have had enough with the PATS references on this board. If Jet fans really want to have their own identity STOP comparing every freakin statistic, player, coach, waterboy whatever to the PATS. The PATS had their run...leave it at that....I for one couldn' give a rat's ass about them. I am looking forward to this regime creating a standard that other team's talk about on their message Boards. Stop letting TX and all the other PAT lovers get under your skin..this is precisely what they want. Just ignore them and stop playing along with them. The fact they're on a Jet message board as much as they are should tell you all you need to know about them...they're like mosquito bites...they itch for awhile but eventually they go away.....let them.....

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    Remember, Pats rhymes with Rats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JetsFanatic
    Remember, Pats rhymes with Rats.

    Treat me with kindness and I'll lead the rats away...

    Treat me with poorly and I'll lead the rats to stay...

    ...And the Pyper will lead us to ree-eason........

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    I started a similar thread yesterday and it was merged.....

    What is with the Pats Dynasty Ending Frenzy?

    Why is this board filled with threads about the Pats Dynasty being over? It really is silly. I mean dont take this the wrong way (I have joined in at times as well). But, why are we adding fuel to the fire? There is no need for it. All the Pats trolls are eating this up. This is exactly the reason why they come to the site. They want to get under our skin. And we are letting them by starting threads about how their team sucks and how they are finished. I am sick of hearing that Brady is over-rated and BB is going to be exposed. Look the bottom line is, the Pats have been the most dominate team in the NFL for the last 5 seasons. It is what it is. I hate to say it, but as of now the Pats are twice the franchise the Jets have ever been and I know that bothers most of us, but the fact remains. We all know that they have a huge bandwagon fan base. What team that has done what they have wouldnt? We are not a better team because we THINK the Pats dynasty is "ending."

    The Jets fan base is one of the greatest on the planet. Why? Because our team for the most part is one of the worst franchises ever. But even though we have a terrible team that seems to always disappoint we love them to death. We sell out every year, we have a waiting list as long as the Great Wall of China and we have sites like this one where we talk JETS football all year long. We are obsessed. That says something about what kind of fans we have. We dont run and hide when the going gets tuff. We stay right here and support our team.

    My point is, nothing good is coming from us making claims like the Pats dynasty is over. If the reason behind the frenzy is because it is the off season and we cant find anything else to talk about then I guess I understand. But I say, we use our imagination and intelligence to start threads that do not bash and diss a team that has completely owned us, our division and the NFL for the last 5 seasons. But rather, lets start threads about how our team is going to bounce back from a horrendous season to take the AFC east from the team that has dominated for us for too long. IMO it is making us look childish. Lets not stoop to the level of other fans. This is our site......a JETS site. Why fill these forums with thoughts about one of biggest rivals? This team gets enough attention as is. Lets not add to the ridiculousness of the media's love for the Pats. Lets keep this site a JETS site. If we have nothing better to talk about then the Pats, then it truly is a sad day in at JI.

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