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Thread: ***jets @ Browns Road Trip - Group Tickets***

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    ***jets @ Browns Road Trip - Group Tickets***

    RE: NY Jets @ Cleveland Browns, Sunday, October 29th, 2006 @ 4:15 ET

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I have received a group ticket sales application from the Cleveland Browns ticket office in the mail today. Like any other type of group ticket sale, time is of the essence and group applications are processed in a first come, first serve basis. The tickets they offer for group sales are $32, $40, $45 but if we're all making the trip I see no reason why we don't spend the extra few bucks and go with the best available to us. As of this time I cannot tell you exactly where the seats will be, but I have emailed the office to get a general location.

    So now for the good part.

    [COLOR=Red]I need to know who will be attending the NYJ @ CLEVELAND Road Trip/Tailgate and how many tickets you will need[/COLOR]. One warning however, given my current situation, I DO NOT have the front money to buy first and collect later. Any request for tickets must accompany a payment before I add you to the application. I apologize for that but I simply cannot do it with my current situation.

    As for the tailgate, I will probably organize and host it as in 2004. For that I'll get numbers and collect at the game. I think everyone enjoyed themselves in 2004 and we should have no problem doing it again. There is a small possibility that we may have a 'classic' tailgate but that is very tenative.

    So if you are interested in purchasing tickets for the Jets @ Browns road trip, please email me with your real name, screen name and number of total tickets requested at:


    I will respond to you via email with my mailing address to remit payment to.

    Any questions please post them or PM.

    Looking forward to it.


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    I'm in for the $45 ticket. Check will be in mail by this weekend. Thanks for your efforts, Guns.

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    I`M IN ALSO I MAY NEED 4 TICKETS THOUGH ,Just pm or email me the address and i`ll send it out in the next few days..


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