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Thread: OT:Best Stand Up Joke Of All Time

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    He's most funniest doing movies and his show. Half Baked was funny as hell. I don't care for his stand up to much.I took a girl to see him at the Laugh Factory
    and was highly disappointed ,didn't even stay the whole show.Cedric ,Sinbad ,Bill Cosby ,Tommy Davidson ,Seinfield ,Rodney Dangerfield ,Richard Pryor and old tapes of Redd Foxx are my favorite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SBIIICHAMPS
    I dsont know how this guy said that the Chapelle skit was the funniest standup joke ever
    Did it ever occur to you that maybe that was the ONLY skit he's ever seen?

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    I'll admit I dont watch alot of stand up. Most of it is too corny for me. This joke gets a 10/10 from me though. Its insane and it just gets better through out. I admit I was a bit over zealous callin it the best ever.


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