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Thread: Duanar Sanchez out for the year!?!?!

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    Duanar Sanchez out for the year!?!?!

    A guy at work just said he got in a car accident in Miami and separated his shoulder. Any truth to this?

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    yes, see

    supposedly trading nady to pirates for roberto hernandez and oliver perez

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    Both stories true as reported by ESPN on tv.

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    Crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.

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    Yea, I heard there's a chance they'll bring milledge back up to replace Nady or let chavez play

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    The Sanchez news is horrible. I really hope he's alright. Big hit for our pen. Heilman is really going to have to step up and I hope Roberto Hernandez can still throw fire like last year.

    I feel bad for Nady. He got screwed on this deal. Goes from the Mets to the Pirates...DAMN.

    I think this may be a good thing for the Mets in one aspect. Chavez may get to play everyday in the outfield now. He's been so clutch for the Mets all season.

    Hope the Mets keep it together. LETS GO METS !!


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