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Thread: Wow, Russo Actually OWNED Cashman...

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    Wow, Russo Actually OWNED Cashman...

    I dont know what the hell you Yankee apologists are talking about...

    based on what you guys were saying I thought Cashman made Russo look like a fool and it wasnt even worth listening to...

    But I went to the site today to check it out, and man, you guys must be delusional or something?

    Russo says Lidle is trash, I mean come on, look at his numbers and Cashman says "what about wong, you said he was a back of the rotation guy?" and Russo admits Wong outplayed his expectations this year... But what about Farnsworth and Wright who he said were terrible deals... Then Cashman tries to stick up for Farnsworth by saying he was worth the deal because he had 16 saves last year for the Braves... Russo then brings up how he constantly fails in big spots, and Cashman says "What about Mariano then?", and Russo kills him with "Mariano has 4 rings and Farnsworth has nothing"

    Then this final and total ownage:

    Russo: "What about Jarret Wright then? How's that 22 Million Deal for three years work out?"

    Cashman: "-----------------------------silence--------------------"

    Then Cashman goes on a rant about how what Russo is doing is unprofessional blah blah, and starts crying that he's gonna stop doing interviews...

    You guys really need to get your head checked if you think Cashman "killed" Russo here? I dont even like Russo at all and I can see what happened here.

    Look, when Joe Beningo who is a huge Mets fan interviews Minaya, I am not hoping to just hear some trash about how great everything is and blah blah, when I mean, actually it is right now for the Mets, but anyway.... Beningo comes on and grills his own team's players and management about slip ups and I appreciate that, because I want the real deal.

    Russo also summed it up perfectly to Cashman when Cashman cries that he does not like his players being criticized, which is completely absurd to begin with... Russo says "Jarret Wright got 22 Million dollars to come here, if he doesnt like the scrutiny he can go somewhere else, this is New York City, not Kansas City".

    Jesus, I think you guys have been watching too much YES
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