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Thread: Carlos Beltran=NL MVP

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    Carlos Beltran=NL MVP


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    Beltran is a DEFINATE MvP candidate right now.

    it's just because hes quite people do not notice.

    This guy right now is LEADING the NL with 94 RBIs and third in HR by 3... he also has 15 SB... Pujols only has 4. Ryan Howard (HR leader) has 0.

    But in addition to this he's THIRD in RUNS... Pujols is like 15th.

    And the bottom line... His team is playing great ball and will probably finish with the best record.

    Ladies and Gentelman, your MVP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadringer
    Carlos Beltran or Albert Pujols. I could make a case for either. Personally, I'd take Beltran. But I don't think he'll win it because: 1. He plays on a much better team 2. His BA (and I know OBP is more important but it but BA means a lot to the committee.

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    He's underpaid.


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