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Thread: Livan Hernandez Traded to Diamondbacks

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    Livan Hernandez Traded to Diamondbacks

    Hey guys,

    Just saw on ESPN that Livan Hernandez just got traded to the Diamondbacks.

    I thought for sure the Mets would pick him up for this year. I think we still need to bring in a pitcher, but don't know who now.

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    A guy named No One.

    Livan Hernandez isn't better than El Duque, Maine, or Trachsel anyway.

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    Guess the D'backs are planning on trying for a run at the WC.

    It will be interesting to see if a change of scenery helps Livan out.

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    For better or worse the Mets are not going to trade for a pitcher at this point. Maybe they need to rest Glavine some but they will go into the playoffs with the arms they have now. They are not going to trade away future propects from the minors considering they have a good core group of players for years to come.

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    I think what we have now is better than getting Hernandez. There's no reason to trade for a guy who is only potentially better than Trax at this point.


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