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Thread: Fantasy Baseball - Great Moves and Crap ones

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    Fantasy Baseball - Great Moves and Crap ones

    What moves did you make that either really payed off or really burned you?

    My decision to draft Glavine and Contreras in the later rounds to anchor my SP staff was looking genious for a while, until the all star break and the wheels came off.

    I made up for it partially by picking up Jarod Weaver, Anibal Sanchez and John Maine.

    I also got totally raped on drafting Torii Hunter and Furcal in the early rounds.

    I did however pick up Matt Holliday, Garciaparra (when someone dropped him), and I picked up Dye late in the draft.

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    Well lets see, first off I picked up Verlander after his first start, which has really payed dividends. Jermaine Dye late in the 15th round also has worked out great. Jered Weaver is having a terrific season, who I also picked up after his first start. I picked up Lester for a couple starts, but he is showing he's not that good finally..

    I picked up Richie Sexson a couple weeks ago, and Joe Crede about a month and a half ago, and both have been amazing for midseason pickups.

    Jose Reyes has won me steals every single week, and has also gotten a lot of runs and helped the BA, and has come through for a HR and RBIs every once in a while! Utley has also been awesome!

    Now onto the bad guys...

    Michael Young, while he hasn't been horrible, with a great BA, hasn't lived up to expectations.. Derrek Lee was the worst late 1st round pick ever. I really thought Francoeur would be a stud, but I should have went with Ryan Howard as the rookie to have the best 2nd year over Francoeur... thats what I get for not paying close enough attention to the NL.

    That pretty much sums up my team with a couple other players...

    Oh yeah, Zach Duke, what a load of dog sh*t.


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