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Thread: Peru vs. Ecuador

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    Peru vs. Ecuador

    Went to the game Wednesday night @ Giants Stadium...Never been to a soccer game and hopefully this wasn't my last...Only the bottom level was open for seating and only the 5 or so sections behind each goal and @ each side of midfield really filled totally, with fillers in between, (we were in sec. 131 row 37 seats 23-26, very nice, undercover in case of rain, eTc.)... but lemme tell you, i think it was louder than any football game i have ever been to...Ecuador started off with a goal fairly early, i wanna say 13th minute...Peru followed up mid-late 2nd half with the ends 1-1

    a few game notes:
    Peruvian goalie took out an oncoming Ecuador player as he was trying to score, and it was in teh box...Penalty kick was fairly dead on center, over Peru's goalies head, but BAM!!!! hit the upright...Ecuador hit the upright @ least 2 or 3 times, it was pretty intense...The goal by Ecuador was a sweet little move, and a left hammer in the upper right corner from the outer line of the box, very impressive...Peru's goal was on a semi-breakaway, guy on Peru tapped it slightly too hard, goalie comes out, almost gets to it, and guy on Peru just tapped it past him oh so was beautifully will be uploaded soon...

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    excellent, sounds like a lot of fun. can't wait to see the pics


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