ODU introduces football advisers; coach will be hired soon
By RICH RADFORD, The Virginian-Pilot
© September 12, 2006 | Last updated 1:53 PM Sep. 12

NORFOLK --As George Welsh and Dick Sheridan were introduced today as advisers for Old Dominion University's start-up I-AA football program, an afterthought became the day's real headline: ODU intends to have a head coach in place within the next four months.

"There's an evaluation period that is necessary for a program to succeed early," said Sheridan, the former head coach at N.C. State. "Even if we hire someone by January, we'll be a little behind in the recruiting of that '08 class. The one thing I've tried to stress is that football is a people business. You better make sure you hire the right guy."

Said Dr. Jim Jarrett, ODU's athletic director: "We've upgraded our timetable. Football at ODU is now three falls away. It's a busy time with a lot to do."

Sheridan and former University of Virginia coach George Welsh are the two men ODU has tasked with getting the Monarchs’ I-AA football program moving forward toward its 2009 kickoff