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Thread: Questions for Republicans..

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    Questions for Republicans..

    You repukes don't criticize Bush for anything; you simply continue to come up with pathetic excuses.

    I want to know why would he have been racially profiling to capture Osama in Tora Bora????

    Why did Bush fail capturing Osama then? Since you claim Clinton had all these chances..

    When Bush said that Iraq is the "central front of the war on terror". When he landed on that carrier under the banner, "Mission Accomplished", it was intended to mean that major combat was over in the central front of the war on terror. Meanwhile, major combat never stopped and his own intelligence people know that the world is less safe today than it was then.

    Bush stood under the "Mission Accomplished" banner on May 1st, 2003. Saddam wasn't "out of there" until December 13th, 2003....nearly 7 and a half months later

    George Bush wanted illegal immigrants to be automatically granted citizenship.

    If Bush wants something kept secret, all he has to do is repeal the "Freedom of Information Act" even further to include the secret he repeals it to keep his own personal information and that of his father's kept under lock and key.

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    I'd be happy to field questions from those whose opinions differ from mine, but frankly, it matters who's asking. You have so many different handles I can't take you seriously. (and it's been the m.o. for "YellowSubmarine" to cut n' paste articles while keeping your angry opinions to yourself, you know with the "repukes" or the "kike" stuff) You are a complete jackhole.

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    I have another handle? enlighten me please?

    Check my IP address.

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    [QUOTE=YellowSubmarine]I have another handle? enlighten me please?

    Check my IP address.[/QUOTE]
    You fool no one, chap.

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    [QUOTE=YellowSubmarine]I have another handle? enlighten me please?

    Check my IP address.[/QUOTE]

    it's probably 123,45,67,890

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    Here's a criticism of GW: he does too soft on liberals. Instead of trying to work with kennedy or clinton, he should be exposing them for the frauds and traitors they really are.


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