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Thread: Popular Mechanics EXPOSED as GUTLESS LIARS

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    Popular Mechanics EXPOSED as GUTLESS LIARS

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    comical, comical interview which shows how pathetic the sc^m on the left is...

    the host berates the PM writer because he was privy to information others are not privy to.....I'd sure this same Talk Show hosts gets just as irate when the NY Slimes reports classified information attributed to "anonymous sources" which no one but the Times is privy to...

    the host is now arguing idiot semantics with guest...he has not done a single thing to to dispute anything PM reports...

    they are now comparing "DNA" evidence to "autopsies"....again, pathetic liberal/leftist garbage...

    how did they get the original DNA of the hijackers?? easy question to answer and b!tch slap the idiot leftists who believe this sh!t....

    then only thing gutless are the clowns who believe this sh!t....
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    ok - everyone who wants to go back to thinking the earth is flat raise your hand!


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