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Thread: MLB Salary Cap

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    MLB Salary Cap

    Hey guys I have a question for you. Im taking an Economics of baseball class in college and I have to take part in a debate with the topic of: Should MLB have a salary cap for the sake of competitive balance? Just would like to know what you guys think about this topic if you guys can think of good reasons why or why not that would be awesome!

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    take a look at these threads: I am sick of other people using the yankees money as a excuse ( 1 2 3 ... Last Page ); The Bottom line with the Yankees Payroll. ( 1 2 3 ) .....they should do all the work for you!

    good Luck
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    Lets us know the result!

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    If anything it should have a minimum payroll so all teams must spend at least a certain figure. This will force owners like Jeffery Loria to spend more on players instead of pocketing cash.

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    yep, read those threads... you'll get every opinion you could want, and then some


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