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Thread: Just When you Thought it was Over...Materazzi to Write Joke Book about Zidane

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    Just When you Thought it was Over...Materazzi to Write Joke Book about Zidane
    Materazzi finds novel way to deal with Zidane affair

    October 10, 2006

    ROME: After the French hit song, the jokes, video games and ads, there is a new face to the most infamous head-butt of all time.

    Italian defender Marco Materazzi is to publish a book containing 249 phrases he might have said to France captain Zinedine Zidane to invoke the now-retired midfielder's wrath.

    The book is called What I really said to Zidane, and Materazzi has been writing about it in a column on Italian sports newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport's website. "As you will see, dear reader, I found it funny to explore the absurdity of the whole affair," Materazzi said.

    The book is 100 pages long, and among the 249 mostly ridiculous phrases is his actual retort to the French captain.

    In his last match, Zidane was red-carded after reacting to a Materazzi taunt by thrusting his forehead into the Italian defender's chest just minutes before the end of the World Cup final, which Italy went on to win on penalties.

    A song written in homage to the head-butt the day after the final shot straight to the top of the French charts.

    One of the "witty" phrases in the book is: "Zinedine, what are you up to? You haven't lost yet and you've already shaved your head!"

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    lol I think he's laying it on a little thick now. Unless he's purposely daring Zidane to head-butt him again.


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