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Thread: Chad Pennington's worst pro game?

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    Chad Pennington's worst pro game?

    This is right up there with New England in 2003, and Pittsburgh in 2004

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    In Both those games,Chad had a chance,but made mistakes.In this game,the Jets had no Chance.

    I heard the analyst for today's gamemention the same thing from begining to when i turn the game off.Here's what he said.

    "If you send 2 receiver into the Pattern against 5 defenders and have them run square in routes,the 3 free defenders have nothing to do so they can cheat".

    Mangini's offensive Game Plan was to protect the QB from the Pass ruh at all cost.All cost,including actually scoring a point.

    Excellent Game Plan.It worked like a charm.

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    I agree that it was a bad game by Chad! He was wild high. Not much an OFFENSE can do when the QB can not complete passees! Time to stop making excuses for CHAD, IMO. He has 8 picks and 9 TDs. If that was Vinny or anyone else, the fans would be calling for his head! And what is not being said is that when a QB is made of glass, he must be protected at all costs! But lets blame the HC for this disaster. LOL I guess what goes around ,comes around!
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