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Thread: Jeannie Zelasko, et al...

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    Jeannie Zelasko, et al...

    I'm watching the NLCS, and I've never liked Jeannie Zelasko, I've always thought of her as nothing but a 'cliche artist'. Just reading a teleprompter, throw in a few cliches (none of them her own thoughts), and that about it. Just before the commercial break before the start of the Mets-Cards game (nlcs game 2), she blurts out....we'll be right back with game 3 of the ALCS right after this...I had to laugh, and spit out a few of my own expletive deletives....

    It also get's me to thinking, how about those female sidline reporters that the NFL uses, do they really know WTF the game is all about or are they just out there to ask the fluffy/obvious questions and satisfy the womens lib orgs?

    I mean, when I see Lynn Swan on the sidelines asking questions I say to myself 'ok this is ex-fotball player making a move into the broadcast biz'...then I see those women on the sidelines trying to 'fit in' and I'm saying...'this is not working for me'.

    This has NOTHING to do with who's HOT or not....just wanyted to get your feelings of the value these women bring to the sportscast.

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    The only person dumber than Jeanne Zelasko is Kevin Kennedy. Way to be, FOX Sports.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pauliec
    The only person dumber than Jeanne Zelasko is Kevin Kennedy. Way to be, FOX Sports.
    I'm gonna have to add the rest of the FOX crew to this list. McCarver and Joe Buck suck. Always calling people by the wrong name and just generally annoying as ****. McCarver has to stop broadcasting and Buck has to stick to football.


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