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Thread: OT Hypothetical scenario

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    OT Hypothetical scenario

    This will be moved but I want it to catch everyones attention first, Lou Pinella wants Arod, as a Yankee or baseball fan what do you say we get in return?

    Personally I would bring up Duncan and move him to third, Then I would want Prior or Wood and Howry.

    I know the first two have injury issues but sometimes it take is a change of scenery, and I know the Yankees are high on Prior they drafted him out of High School first, so they knew his talent. he elected to go to college though.

    Both starting pitchers are realitively young to

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    If you know it's going to be moved, why put it here?

    People interested in baseball will go to the baseball forum.

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    the yanks are thinking about zambrano not prior or wood. you will definitely get a better starter than prior/wood for arod. he is a top 5 player in this league at 4-year, $64 million. There will be a bidding war anyway.

    Plus you move cano to third (his original position) and sign soriano.

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    Cubs don't have what it takes to get Arod. If they take whom you suggested they will have been jobbed big time..

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    The Cubs giving up Zambrano for Arod is basically treading water. Improves the offense, kills the pitching.

    I don't think the Cubs have the chips to make a deal for Arod that makes sense for both sides.

    Now the Angels....perhaps.


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