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Thread: The Jermaine Is Gone Thread

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    The Jermaine Is Gone Thread

    Please post all your thoughts about this legendary heroic Met TROLL..YES TROLL

    He proved it once again today..and what is funny is that the hypocritical Met fans that defend me out all the time for doing the same thing,but yet defend him??

    bill parcells wants to know how everybody feels

    ps:Jetswin..I am not calling anybody out,since he is no longer here..

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    Just take it easy here guys ok.

    I didn't follow his antics on this board that closely, but I do know I warned him on several ocassions about a few things. It's not that difficult to get along here without a problem, as a matter of fact it is almost impossible to mess up being a member here.

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    he will be remebered as a legendary moron.


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