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Thread: CNN "What You Are Politcal" Quiz

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    CNN "What You Are Politcal" Quiz


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    So, at the top of the results page, where they have the summary and the question of which Party you identify with, etc...they have the issues and a 4-section graph, and your answers in each category will be put in one quartile.

    Sort of like this:

    Far Left -------Middle Left --------Middle Right----------Far Right

    So, I am [B]Far Right[/B] on Economy and Terrorism (surprise, surprise!)

    I am [B]Middle Right [/B] on Immigration and Moral Issues (pro gay marriage the only thing keeping me from far right, I imagine)

    I am [B]Middle Left[/B] on Iraq (likely because I said I support it, but don't think we'll win)

    I have to say that the last question in the terrorismn section is absurd...either military or diplomatic? I mean, it's that black and white? I tried to not answer that one, but it didn't let me!


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