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Thread: Cali Democrats & Props 85 & 90 (butt out Bush!)

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    Cali Democrats & Props 85 & 90 (butt out Bush!)


    It's an ad urging California voters to vote 'no' on two voter referendums. It's primarily kids calling President Bush names and asking voters to blunt Bush's invasive agenda. Take a look.

    Oh, and the propositions to say no to?

    Prop 85 - a 2-day waiting period and parental notification for a minor's abortion. (grade schoolers telling Bush to butt out!)

    Prop 90: a measure against eminent domain (or the right for Disney to boot your house for a hotel development.)

    So, we see Dems attacking Bush in lieu of trying to promote their own obnoxious and unpopular stances. This won't work, not in the short or long run.
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