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Thread: Middle East History

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    Middle East History

    from a Turk:

    Zionism is essentially the movement to establish a Jewish Homeland. The whole idea of being a Zionist is to stake a right in that area. Zionism by this definition is not incoherent. There was never a "Palestinian State" prior to the British the area was Under TURKISH rule under the Ottoman Caliphate. Why didn't the "Palestinians" make an uproar for a separate and indepedant state then? Why is this question always dodged? What is fueling the Palestinian AKA Arabs in the area is nothing but pure hatred against the Jews for simply being Jews who desire a homeland.

    Another beautiful fact of History is that when ISRAEL was founded it was the TURKS, the FORMER RULERS, and first Muslims to recognize thje LEGITIMATE EXISTENCE OF THE STATE OF ISRAEL. I as a Turk and a Muslim recognize their legitimate existence and I make friends with Jews also. Rasulullah (saw) had said:
    Ottoman Rule extended from 1517-1917

    From a Census dating to 1844, 1876, 1896, the numbers of people who lived in Jerusalem per the Religious belief is as follows:


    7,120 Jews
    5,000 Muslims
    3,390 Christians
    15,510 Total


    12,000 Jews
    7,560 Muslims
    5,470 Christians
    25,030 Total


    28,112- Jews
    8,560- Muslims
    8,748- Christians
    45,420- total

    Source: John Oesterreicher and Anne Sinai, eds., Jerusalem, (NY: John Day, 1974), p. 1; Israel Central Bureau of Statistics; Jerusalem Foundation; Municipality of Jerusalem.

    So when we do the math we see that the Jewish population under Ottoman Rule in a Span of 50 years increased by 20,992. This is nearly 3 times, but the Ottoman Caliphate didn't make an UPROAR AND THE ARABS were SILENT besides their BETRAYAL AND SIDING with the enemies i.e. Colonial Powers against the Ottoman Empire.

    The above speaks VOLUMES for itself.

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    muslim hater

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    [QUOTE=bman]muslim hater[/QUOTE]

    Muslim Hater Hah, the guy is a Muslim with a brain! I dont hate Muslims, I dislike Muslims who want to kill me!


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