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Thread: Notre Dame vs. Navy in Baltimore

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    Notre Dame vs. Navy in Baltimore

    Anyone from JI go?
    I flew up from S. Fla with the wife & kid. The weather was crisp & windy but very 'football-like'.
    I hadn't been to a game involving one of the military academies since the 80s (West Point, many times). It is an awesome thing to watch! The entire USNA student body march onto the field in formation by division(?), then the National Anthem is sung by the Navy Glee Club, followed by a fly-over that I swear skimmed the tops of the light structures. They seemed that close! My 9 year old was blown away!!
    My best guess is that it was 65/35 ND fans. We represented very well!

    Except for a few clowns that I think were from western PA. the section we sat in had a good time, without the stupidity.
    ND gave them a respectful 38-14 beating. ND could have scored again but took the air out of the ball the last 4+ minutes. You don't pound the academies.
    A great time!!

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    This is the friendliest rivalry in sports. Despite the lopsided record, it will never expire. It goes back to when ND hosted Navy students on it's campus when facilities were limited during the great depression.


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