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Thread: another Zawahiri miss

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    another Zawahiri miss

    So today we dropped a bomb on a Madrassa in Pakistan..We got some senior qeada guys..good nes..Zawahiri was the target and escaped..again..bad news..
    However, we also killed about 70 students (INNOCENTS)..
    This US policy of dropping bombs on innocent people from Iraq to Afghanistan has killed THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of innocent people while netting a much much much much smaller percentage of actual terrorists..
    How about dropping in special forces when we have 'real time' evidence..
    This will do nothing more than inflame more radicals..If and when this al qeada ever happens to target a US you know why..
    I fully support killing every ACTUAL AL qeada member..but not by inhumanely dropping bombs on innocent people..I dont care if qeada is hiding among the,m..WE are the USA..WE are supposed to have the moral authority..BUT WE DONT!...Not since 03...
    It's very sad the direction that 3 scoundrels (bush/cheney/rummY) have taken us down.

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    I've tried to make it a point not to respond to this dope's posts; not only is he completely uninformed but he can't even practice general sentence structure.....

    yet the above post just further proves what a complete leftist tool this clown is with no need of the facts...

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    In the topsy-turvy Dumbmarine world...

    Al-Qaeda associates/trainees = Students

    Anyone under 60 years old = Youth

    A dead Al-Qaeda associate = Innocent

    Dumbmarine math: 1 = 1,000

    USA = No Moral Authority

    ROW = Moral Authority

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    No morals? Are you serious? This could've been over in a week if we had no morals, making the place a parking lot. 20 Special Forces soldiers sent into a village of thousands, yeah great idea.

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    think about the hundreds of thousands of innocents killed in Bush's Iraq war...Total BS..For zero reasons.
    You are the dope.


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