Im currently in the IT field as a server technician. I work in NYC, and commute by LIRR. I have come to the conclusion that I want out of this field as I see its only becoming more and more outsourced. I bascially fear for my job as well as the industry. Not to mention the public transportation thing is really wearing me thin.

My father was a lineman for the phone company and was in the union. He was always able to provide for his family, mostly because of the union support. Well I have been doing this work for about 6-7 years, and aside from a few certifications, I have nothing to show for my time & effort.

Now that I have a home and a newborn daughter, I feel more of an obligation to find a career that not only takes care of me, but will ensure my family too will be taken care of fairly.

I have always been a "techie". My father taught my brother and I alot about electronics. So I guess thats just who Im meant to be. So that has me considering a career change, so I can retire. I just can't see that future as a IT technician.

So should I consider giving up what i have worked for and try to join the LI Electricians union? I understand there is apprenticeship. I've also heard the pay as an apprentice is rediculously low, like $250 take-home a week

If there are any electricians here, can you give me some advice or suggestions?