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Thread: Some election day blurbs from my inbox

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    Some election day blurbs from my inbox

    [B]High Voter Turnout Expected [/B] - CT

    [B]SC gov turned away from the polls [/B] - A poll manager says that Governor Mark Sanford was turned away from his home precinct Tuesday morning because he did NOT have his voter registration card.

    [B]Stocks Have Actually Done Better Under Democrats [/B] - [url][/url]

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    [B]In New Jersey, voters in at least seven jurisdictions attempting to vote for Republican Tom Kean Jr., and found their machines "locked" for Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez, according to GOP Committee attorney Mark Sheridan, who called it a "disturbing and developing trend" emerging at the polls.

    Sheridan said Republicans are trying to figure out if this is a result of computer error or malfeasance on the part of poll workers. He said it would be too much of a coincidence for anything other than "fraud."[/B]

    I guess the Dead Guy thing was played out. :rolleyes:


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