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Thread: This Has to Be Said.

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    This Has to Be Said.

    [COLOR=Green][SIZE=7][B]Jets 17

    Pats 14[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Carry on....

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    [QUOTE=shakin318][COLOR=Green][SIZE=7][B]Jets 17

    Pats 14[/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Carry on....[/QUOTE]

    You must be a liberal...typical of them to list the score vertically instead of horizontal...

    [SIZE=5][COLOR=Green][b]JETS-17 GAYTRIOTS-14!!!!!!!!!!!![/b][/COLOR][/SIZE]

    There :D

    edit: but if you aren't, then I apologize for the horrible insult.
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    NO NO NO...

    See a liberal would want the score listed HORIZONTALLY. Their can be no one "on top" or it may imply inequality. We musn't hurt the feewings of a wittle bawl playa any more than we already did by whuppin' up on that azz.


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