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Thread: Simple question for SD99?

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    Simple question for SD99?

    Sorry for starting another thread about religion guys but I want his answer.

    I asked you this already SD99 but you have yet to respond.

    Now once again is Baptist an Organized Religion?

    Yes or No, nothing else.

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    Hey Mick, here is a great explanation of the Baptist church. I would say yes to your answer. ANd whats wrong with all these topics on religion? They are usually the most lively ones

    A Baptist is a member of a Baptist church or any follower of Jesus Christ who believes that baptism is administered by the full immersion of a confessing Christian. Baptist churches are usually regarded as an Evangelical Protestant denomination originating from the English Puritan movement, when they were often called "anabaptists". However, there are some religious scholars, usually Baptists themselves, who disagree with this view of the origins of the Baptist faith. These scholars argue that Baptists date all the way back to the time of Jesus and John the Baptist, who baptized Jesus with a full-body immersion in the River Jordan. These scholars do not believe that Baptists originated in the Protestant Reformation hundreds of years later. They argue that there have always been those who didn't follow any organized "denominational" system, rather they practiced their faith in the same manner as the early Christians mentioned in the book of Acts in the Bible. They claim to be successors to these early churches.
    Theologically, most Baptists emphasize a believer's baptism by full immersion, which is performed on non-infants after a public profession of faith in Jesus as Saviour. Baptists traditionally do not baptize infants, as do most Christian denominations, due to their belief that a person must be old enough to make a public profession of faith in order to be baptized. Another feature of most Baptist churches is that they operate on the congregational governance system, which gives autonomy to individual local Baptist churches. Baptists have traditionally avoided the "top-down" hierarchy which is found in many Christian denominations, such as the Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, and Anglican churches. However, Baptist churches will often associate in organizations such as the Southern Baptist Convention in the United States, which is the largest Baptist association in the world, and the second-largest Christian denomination in the USA, after the Roman Catholic church.


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