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    #1 Ranked NFC Chicago Bears [B]return back --- REDUNDANT[/B] to the Meadowlands for the 2nd time in as many weeks to take on the Jets who are coming off a [B]"---DO YOU PLAN ON CLOSING THIS QUOTE?[/B]gift win against the Patriots. The Patriots failed to change much of the game plan from last year[B],--- NO COMMA NEEDED[/B] which [B]Mike Mangini ---Who?[/B] knows all [B]to--TOO[/B] well. The Jets moved within 1 game with the win over the Patriots and are hoping to capitalize on the Bears roller-coaster [B]offence.--- ARE YOU FROM CANADA? IN AMERICA IT'S "OFFENSE"[/B] This coming week the Patriots play the Packers in "Lame-bow" and the Jets play the Bears at the Meadowlands in the "reverse rival" week. [B]Oddly enough,--huh? There is nothing odd about this but I digress[/B] the Patriots are pulling for the Bears and the Jets are pulling for the Packers. [B]That will once again reverse next week and in 3 weeks again when the Bears play the Patriots and the Packers host the Jets.---NOT A SENTENCE[/B]
    This all sounds confusing [B]im [/B] sure, but the east coast visit is in full swing and the Bears are looking to hold the NFL's respect as the best in the NFC. The Jets are "middle man" on the ladder of NFL ranks, and are playing as [B]expected--we'ren't the Jets expected to get a top five draft pick next year---whatever, that's your opinion[/B]. [B]With the exception of the Browns, Miami and the Patriots, the Jets are beating the bad teams and losing to the good teams.---The Jets didn't beat the Browns[/B] Interesting enough, the Jets beat the Dolphins which is the only team the Bears have [B]lost to.--You really shouldn't end your sentences in prepositional phrases but we'll let it slide.[/B] Im fairly certain you cant put much stock into that fact, since the Jets nearly blew the game in the 4th quarter[B]---Your team blew the entire game. Our team ALMOST blew a quarter. [/B]

    [B]Its obvious that the Jets are just a bad team---what makes it obvious? Is it the team's 5-4 record?[/B] and have been injury prone for a few years now. Chad Pennington will start just his 13th game in the last 2 years. He has started all the games this year and only 3 last year. The biggest problem for the QB is that [B]his---he[/B] is a "sack magnet". He has been slapped to the floor 20 times in 9 games. [B]Not the leagues most by a long shot.---this sentence contradicts the one before it[/B] The Raiders' Andrew Walter has that honor with 40 sacks. Compare that to the leagues least sacked QB's (Grossman-11, Farve-11, and P.Manning-10) and [B]thats---that[/B] seems to be a big issue for the Jets O-line with the Bears coming to town. The Bears are tied for 7th in the NFL with 23 team sacks and the Jets have 17 which is among the leagues lowest. The Bears should have no trouble keeping Rex Grossman safe from the sacks, but the Jets secondary is [B]were---where [/B] Grossman will need to be cautious. The Jets have 11 interceptions and the Bears are only a few ahead with 13 (tied for 2nd in the NFL).

    The Bears have given up 100+ rushing yards 4 times this year against Green Bay-111-yards, and in every game since the bye week[B]. don't end your sentence here and put parenthesis around the following games[/B] 49ers-111-yards, Miami-157-yards, Giants-141-yards. This is a bad trend and one that the Jets will try capitalize on to improve their lack luster running game. The Bears still are better at [B]stoping---stopping[/B] the run [B]then---than[/B] the Jets so expect [B]allot---a lot[/B] of rushing yards from both teams.

    It is also worth mentioning that the Jets are among the least penalized teams in the NFL, but that's the end of the statistics which seem to be close between these 2 clubs. The Bears dominate the rest of the statistics on both sides of the ball, and on special teams the Bears are "warp years" ahead.

    Chad Pennington...In 9 games threw 251 times, completed 158 passes @62.9% for 1726-yards. Averaging 6.9 per pass and 191.8 per game. 10-tds. 9ints. Sacked 20 times with 3 fumbles. QB-rating=81.5

    Rex Grossman...In 9 games threw 290 times, completed 166 passes @57.2% for 2095-yards. Averaging 7.2 per pass and 232.8 per game. 17-tds 11-ints. Sacked 11 times with 5 fumbles. QB-rating=83.6
    Advantage Bears

    [B]With 39 more passes than Pennington, Grossman has only completed 8 more than Chad?[/B]

    Running backs
    Leon Washington..Rushed 95 times for 432-yards Avg 4.5 per carry. 2-tds 1 fumble
    Kevan Barlow.......Rushed 101 times for 327-yards Avg 3.2 per carry 6-tds. 1 fumble

    Thomas Jones......Rushed 189 times for 725-yards. Avg 3.8 per carry. 4-tds. 1 fumble.
    Cedric Benson......Rushed 69 times for 215-yards Avg 3.1 per carry. 3-tds. 0 fumble.
    Advantage Bears
    Hard to compare. The Bears have had extra 60 rushing attemps.[/B]

    Laveranues Coles....51 catches for 635-yards. Avg 70.6 per game 3-tds 0-fumbles.
    Jerricho Cotchery....41 catches for 531-yards. Avg 59.0 per game 4-tds 0-fumbles.
    Chris Baker............16 catches for 139-yards. Avg 15.4 per game 2-tds 0-fumbles.

    Muhsin Muhammad..41 catches for 566-yards. Avg 62.9 per game 4-tds 1-fumbles.
    Bernard Berrian.......27 catches for 495-yards. Avg 61.9 per game 4-tds 2-fumbles.
    Desmond Clark........30 catches for 431-yards. Avg 47.9 per game 4-tds 0-fumbles.
    Advantage Bears

    Special Teams Stand-Outs
    [B]M.Nugent, T.Dwight, L.Washington, B.J. Askew---you're not going to include Justin Miller?[/B]
    D.Hester, R.Gould, B.Ayanbadejo and R.Davis
    Advantage Bears

    Defense = (NFL RANK)
    allow 23-pts. per game(24th)
    allow 361.1-yards per game(31st)
    Interceptions 11 (4th)
    [B]Sacks 17 (T-13th)---I thought you said the Jets were amongst league's lowest? How many teams are in the NFL?[/B]
    Overall Defensive rank (31st)

    allow 13-pts. per game(2nd)
    allow 250.4-yards per game(1st)
    Interceptions 13 (T-2nd)
    Sacks 23 (T-7th)
    Overall Defensive rank (1st)
    Advantage Bears


    We are 5 -3 with the Jets all time this will be only our ninth game with the Jets.

    1974 L 23-21 - Home
    1979 W 23-13 - Home
    1985 W 19-6 - Away
    1991 W 19-13 - Home OT
    1994 W 19-7 - Away
    1997 L 23-15 - Home
    2000 L 17-10 - Away
    2002 W 20-13 - Champaign,Il

    In Closing

    The Bears may catch an over confident Jets team at home and win back to back in the Meadowlands. We can only hope the Bears are not looking past the Jets to the Patriots like they did when they had the Giants on their mind and forgot about the Dolphins. With that said there is not [B]allot[/B] of respect to be earned beating a bad Jets team at home except for a road win. Again the true road test will be the Patriots on the 26th of November. The Jets are over matched here but they are at home and coming off a big divisional win. The Bears seem up and down, but have managed to beat all but one team. If we go by averages and if i have done [B]my math---can we see "your math"[/B] correctly the Bears will win this game 30-13.

    The Stinger
    Hey Jets fans turn on "Heidi" this Sunday, you [B]wont [/B] want to watch this game

    [B]1. You are a terrible writer.
    2. I'm going to take a guess here. Are you a Bears fan?
    3. Spell check
    4. You just say things to say things. Statements like: Chad is a sack magnet but he doesn't get sacked that often AND the Jets team sack totals are amongst the lowest in the league--they are tied for 13th
    5. Don't start sentences with---"Oddly enough,"It's also worth mentioning," "Interesting enough" or "It's obvious to see." Look at those sentences above. Those opening phrases are not needed.
    6. Check your stats, player positions and names before writing a sports story.
    7. I like your math. That's one of my favorite parts of this story.

    Hey, I'm not saying the Bears won't beat the Jets. Just saying you're a terrible writer who confuses the facts. Your whole "article" is pretty much dribble.

    Thanks for entertaining me though. I was bored at work.[/B]
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    250.4-yards per game ALLOWED PER GAME BY THE BEARS(1ST IN NFL)
    361.1-yards per game ALLOWED PER GAME BY THE JETS(31ST N NFL)




    152.1-yards PASSING per game ALLOWED PER GAME BY THE BEARS(1st IN NFL)


    It's funny how you started off trying to be so eloquent and loquacious and you have turned into a complete moron. I would strongly suggest for the sake of your own dignity, that you retreat to your Bears site never to return.

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    [QUOTE=Jordy]It's funny how you started off trying to be so eloquent and loquacious and you have turned into a complete moron. I would strongly suggest for the sake of your own dignity, that you retreat to your Bears site never to return.[/QUOTE]

    He no longer has a choice in the matter.

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    I'm closing this thread. If you guys would like to start a new one where you discuss this game like adults, feel free. All other threads will be closed or deleted. Jeeeze!


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