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    BEIJING, Nov 17 (Reuters) - China, which executes more people than any other country in the world and admits nearly all defendants in criminal cases are found guilty, launched an exhibition on Friday promoting its human rights record.
    The 10-day exhibition will "truthfully record China's efforts to promote and safeguard the people's right to life and right to develop and, more broadly, their political, economic, social and cultural rights," Xinhua news agency said, quoting organisers.
    China, with a judicial system widely seen as designed only for conviction, has found nearly all six million defendants in criminal cases guilty in the past nine years, state media said last week.
    Human rights groups have accused Beijing of lagging far behind international standards on criminal justice with widespread police torture, lack of due process in trials and the absence of presumption of innocence.

    The Chinese action plan to improve record:

    1) Give the family of the executed the option of paying cash or charging the cost of the bullet to their Visa/Mastercard changing the slogan to "Everywhere you want to be, except when in China"

    2) Give a sickly family member first dibs at purchasing the harvested organs sold on the black market.

    3) Admitting the sale of these human organs at Sumo Wrestling matches by the equivalent of peanut vendors could be perceived in poor taste they have agreed to train the "sales persons" as flight attendants on China Air.

    Instead of "Get your liver, get your liver here.. Corneas Corneas here, One of a kind ..... here get your ..... here"

    The catalogs of merchandise now available on most commercial flights will include a section especially for these patrons. Very responsibly the attendants will not serve alcohol to those persons making a purchase or kidneys or liver harvested from someone under the age of 21. :eek:

    4) The falun gong has been authorized to hand out pamphlets at Shanghai International but are restricted to the section set aside for the hari krishnas.

    5) University students are now participated to recognize the anniversary of Tienaman Square Massacre as special guests to be permanently interred along side Chairman Mao in Mao Zedong Memorial Hall.

    Any suggestions folks? :D

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    [QUOTE=JETSYANKS71]Any suggestions folks? :D[/QUOTE]

    How about freeing Tibet and leaving Taiwan alone (aka take down the 750 missiles pointed at the country, stop blocking the country's UN and WHO bids, stop claiming Taiwan as part of China when they have no legit claim to the land).

    That would improve their Human rights image spectacularly.

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    it's all jokes but has anyone else heard about their military buildup?

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    [QUOTE=bitonti]it's all jokes but has anyone else heard about their military buildup?[/QUOTE]

    Yeah I heard someone leaked US weapons secrets to them.

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    [QUOTE=bitonti]it's all jokes but has anyone else heard about their military buildup?[/QUOTE]

    China leads the world in military spending by a large margin.

    The rest of Asia is getting very nervous... South Korea, Japan and Taiwan have all doubled their military spending because of China's aggressive behavior. The US has made a ton of money off of those three countries in the past 10 years.


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