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Thread: It's **** like this that give our soldiers a bad name

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    It's **** like this that give our soldiers a bad name


    Someone should be court martialed for conduct unbecoming and sheer stupidity

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    idiots :steamin:

    imagine if there really was a draft, and the government just picked up sociopaths worse than this from the street and sent them over there? ha... it'd be chaos

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    [QUOTE=pauliec] ha... it'd be chaos[/QUOTE]

    As opposed to the organized well-oiled machine it is today?

    On a different note, that soldier should be stationed here back home---making fat American kids run 5 blocks for something as healthy as water. Instead they sit in the same spot for a week for a Playstation 3

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    Good job fostering good relations with the Iraqis.

    What a prick.


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