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Thread: What ever happened

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    What ever happened

    to service after the sale.
    You buy a computer from one of the large retailers and you call customer service and you get someone in Pakistan or Southeast Asia.
    Buy a largescreen TV and god help you if the part isn't in stock wait 3 or 4 weeks before the TV gets fixed.
    We recently refianced our house with Citicorp and their customer service is guess where India. One might say this is out of the norm but you are wrong it is the norm. Customer Service just plain sucks!

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    If you want better service, pay more money. That's capitalism.

    Outsourcing happens because it's far too expensive to be paying American employees to do the same job that anyone from a less rich country can do.

    That Citicorp refinancing service or Television would cost you double or triple if they didn't outsource.

    It's similar to those that argue minimum wage should be brought up $2. That $2 per worker combines for millions in company money lost, which results in the laying off of a chunk of other minimum wage workers.

    There's only so much money to go around, so something always gets sacrificed.


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